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Ok, I have a confession to make. I just got an Amazon Prime account. I know it’s shocking.  I have never been an “Amazon Shopper.” I mostly would order one-off items from my sister’s account, so it didn’t make sense for me to spend the money to get an account. I never really understood the appeal of Amazon. If I needed something cheap or quickly, I would run to Walmart. I’d get it cheap and on the same day. Plus, I have never had much luck on Amazon. I would always send back more than I kept. I don’t know about you, but I hate doing online returns.

But this year, I am hoping to change that. Amazon has really up their game on the shopping side and the video content that they are producing right now. So, I went through and picked a few of my favorite pieces of clothing currently on Amazon. A lot of these pieces come highly recommended from other blogger, so I wanted to see if the hype was worth it. I will say I didn’t pay attention to reviews, which was a rookie mistake. ALWAYS read the reviews.

I am going to share the three pieces that I decided to keep from my haul. My favorite piece was this long black t-shirt dress. It comes in so many colors and is super soft. I haves styled by tying it in a knot in the front to make it look less maternally.  Then I have paired it with my new favorite slides from Target, which are amazing dupes for the Steve Madden Greece slides.

Speaking of Greece slide dupes, I wanted to compare the Target slides to the Amazon slides. I will say, the Target slides are better quality and sturdier. I am concerned the strap will break on the white Amazon slides. However, I have worn them several times already and haven’t had any issues.

The last item that I kept was this bag, which is another dupe for the Gaia Cult Ark Bag. This hand-held bag is perfect for date night or a summer formal get together. It will fit all of your date night essentials. The bag doesn’t have a close at the top, so be aware that your items inside can slip out. There are several different other versions of this bag out in the marketplace, but this one is the best. Trust me.

Check out the video to see my review of all the items that I purchased.

Shop more of my favorite Amazon finds below.

pearl clips
pearl clips
silk pillowcase
Blue Light Glasses
pestl heafbands
golf swing thing
golf balls
golf hat
outlander books
yeti cooler
yeti cup
yeti cooler
beauty Fridge
peral hair clip
silk pillowcase
gold and silver bracket bracelet
adidas leggings
striped block tee
circus sandals
knob bangle
cross bangle
bangle knob
cross bangle
uny bangle
felt hat
steve madden heel slides
ruffle sleeve dress
polka dot babydoll dress
striped babydoll dress
cheeta babydoll dress
Petal sleeve dress
cheetah t shirt
steve madden sandals
spiked slides
peplum top
ruffle bottom dress
Layered dress
Pearl Black Dress
Round wooden bag
Vneck jumpsuit
Scalloped jumpsuit
Off the shoulder jumpsuit
Vneck button dress
Striped dress
Striped jumpsuit
Sam eledam slides
Vneck peplum
Pink peplum top
Fringe top
Tie around top
Collared top
Peplum top
Long sleeve peplum top
White ruffle dress
White crochet dress
Peplum button top
Palm romper
Long black dress
Pom Pom swimmy
Arc bag
Cheetah shoes
Greece flats
Scalloped esapridekke
Rolled beach hat

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