Bags of Summer

As I am sure that you have seen lately all over your Instagram feed, or when you are out shopping an increased amount of woven or wooden bags. I love this style of bags for the summer. It reminds me of being somewhere tropical.

I have hunted down for you the best quality and affordable bag options that won’t break the bank. So, you can to take part in this trend. All of the bags featured in the post are under $50.

The first bag the I came across was this light tan weaved bag from Forever 21. I really adore the color, because I didn’t want all of my bags in my collection to be all the same camel color. So, when I came across this one. I thought it would be nice to addition to my collection. The bag is lined and has a clasp closure.

If you like the shape of the bag, then you will love this next one. I found this bag from Asos and fell in love with the open breading detail. This bag is a bit larger than the Forever 21 bag, and the coloring is more of the traditional camel color. It also has a clasp closure.

The next bag that I am sharing is this round woven bag from Walmart. When I came across this one, I was shocked about how good the quality was for $16. I love that it has a leather pocket on the inside and longer straps to be able to carry the bag as a crossbody or over-the-shoulder. This bag is available in several colors too!

I found this woven round bag from H&M. This one is a bit better quality than the Walmart bag. The material isn’t as stiff and woven detail on this bag more intricate. The bag is lined and a bit larger than the one above. It comes in several other colors and has a clasp closure.

If you are looking for more of a traditional woven beach bag, this one from Walmart is perfect. The straps are multicolored which add a fun flair to the bag. You will be able to fit all of your beach essentials in the bag. Plus, it is lined and has a claps closure. It comes in several other colors too!

If you are looking for an off-the-shoulder version of this trend, then this bag is perfect for you. This one is Forever 21. The size is a bit small. I can only fit my phone and keys in the bag. It does have a clasp closure at the top and isn’t lined on the inside.

Ok, if the bags already mentioned aren’t enough, then I have got you covered. This hand-held bag from Amazon is perfect for date night or a summer formal get together. It will fit all of your date night essentials. The bag doesn’t have a close at the top, so be aware that your items inside can slip out. It is a dupe for the Gaia Cult Ark Bag. There are several different other versions of this bag out in the marketplace, but this one is the best. Trust me.

I could go on and on about summer bags, but these were some of my favorites that I have seen everywhere and wanted to wrap it up for you in all in one post. You can check out the video below to see more bags that I have seen in person or shop more of my summer bag picks below.

Twig & Arrow Seashell Crossbody Bag with Snap ClosureTime & Tru Striped Straw Circle Tote Bag with Inner Slip PocketArc bag

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