20 Week Bump Date

Samantha Knight Blog 20 Week Bump Date

I had originally wanted to break then down into first, second, and third trimester, but you know life happens and I didn’t do that. Therefore, I thought that I would share up to 20 weeks.

20 Week Bump Date

First 12 Weeks

The first 12 weeks were hard. I was super nauseous ALL DAY, especially at night. I was exhausted all the time and would just crash when I got home. I never really had any cravings for the first 12 weeks other than I wanted carbs, lemon-flavored items, and smores. My skin was awful and stayed constantly broke out. I was lucky and didn’t put on a lot of weight, so most of my clothes fit.

Week 13-20

My nausea was completely gone by the end of week 13, which was a huge relief. I also started to have more energy. My skin also began to clear up. It still breaks out, but just not as much. I did start to have cravings, especially closer to week 20. I really wanted fresh veggies and fruits, so large salads were a go-to. I wanted pickles, which was something that I never wanted before. I really enjoyed Greek food, salads, wraps, etc.

So far everything with baby girl is normal, THANK GOD! We got our genetic screening and anatomy scan, and everything looks good. So that was a huge weight off our shoulders! Overall, I have to say I have had a really easy pregnancy with no major complications. I feel extremely blessed! I pray that it will only continue!

Up to this point, I really never felt that I looked pregnant. Plus, I am a really shy person when it comes to my body, so I haven’t felt comfortable taking a belly picture.

We started to work on the nursery, which is so exciting! Stayed tuned for a full blog post on that. You can read more about our gender reveal or our journey to baby with those links.

Let me know in the comments, how your pregnancy went and some tips/tricks that you can leave for this first-time momma!

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