Changing Up Your Workwear

Do you ever get tired of wearing the same dull color palette for work? When you walk into your closet and look around, all you see is a wardrobe full of neutrals. It is so easy to get caught up in buying neutral pieces rather than buying items to complement pieces already in your wardrobe. The easiest way to change up your look is by adding a pop of color with a blouse or shoe. However, there are more fun ways to help you change up your workwear.

The first way that I am going to show you how to change up your workwear is by adding prints, textures, and different silhouettes. In this look, I used all neutral pieces by adding a print to the skirt, velvety texture to the camisole, and changed the silhouette of the skirt up from the traditional pencil skirt. I was able to make this look unique while keeping it professional with simple gold jewelry and black pumps.

Another way to change up your look is to play with colors. I love to wear jewel tones. So, I always try to find a way to work those colors into a look that I am styling. In the look below, I used the deep navy color in this skirt as my neutral but choose the pop of pink in the skirt as the color for my blouse. The plaid print and ruffles again change up the traditional skirt silhouette and make it more of a fun outfit. I added navy jewelry and nude booties to keep the look grounded.

There are so many ways to change up your workwear. The key is to think about how you can work your wardrobe to rethink the traditional way of dressing to make a look more your style. Don’t just play with colors, but with textures, prints, and silhouettes. This is something I love to do. I like to mix prints and colors while keeping the look grounded with traditional pieces to make the look cohesive and professional.

I have worked in all type of work environments from very casual (jeans) to extremely professional (suits). I love to see how I can make each look belong in the environment that I am working in but keep each outfit a reflection of my style.

girl in workwear

I have several more posts about workwear coming to show you different ways to style your wardrobe for your job. Let me know what type of workwear post you want to see in the comments. You can also shop my favorite workwear pieces below!


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