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I am so excited to share with you my love for these Goodnight Macaroon Over-The-Knee boots! Last year, I was shown these boots from my fellow blogger babes. So, after 99% of those ladies raved about them, I decided to finally purchase them.

This was my first time shopping with Goodnight Macaroon. I was nervous about ordering clothing from China. I also wasn’t super happy about their return policy. I still am not, to be honest. I am notorious for purchasing something, getting it home, and trying it on with other outfits. I end up not liking it and returning the pieces. I knew that once I ordered the boots that I wouldn’t be able to return them easily. I decided to leap, because of the raving reviews from so many. Plus, Goodnight Macaroon was running a fantastic sale. So, I couldn’t turn that down.

The sizing was tricky for me to determine because my shoe size runs various sizes. I can wear a size 8 to 10. I know weird. It just depends on how the shoe is made for me. I decided to order the black and tan in size 40. I got them almost a month later because of international shipping. The boots were of excellent quality, but they were just tad bit too small.

I decided to return the boots. It took customer service a few days to respond, but once I paid to ship them back. I then received my store credit. I sat on this credit for almost a year. I couldn’t find anything else that I wanted. So, during Labor Day, Goodnight Macaroon ran 40% discount. I decided to purchase the tan boots again along with a couple of clothing items. I wanted to try the quality of their clothing. The process of using my credit was easy to do at checkout. I decided to go with a size of 41 this time, which fit perfectly. I also sized up in the clothing, because I figured that the clothes would also run small. I’m glad that I did.

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I own four pairs of over the knee boots. I own three Steve Madden boots in a grey, black, and taupe colors, which I love. The grey and black have tall heels, which are perfect for dressing up any look. However, I can’t wear them for long periods. The tall heels just hurt my feet after a while. The grey boots have a lower heel and are much more comfortable. What sets the Goodnight Macaroon boots apart is how the boots stay up on the leg. The Steve Madden boots stay up for the most part, but they are do tend to slide down. I feel like I am always adjusting them. I don’t have to do that with the Goodnight Macaroon boots. The boots are so comfortable, and I can wear them for hours. Don’t get me wrong; I love my Steve Maddens! They are amazing dupes for Stuart Weizman or Sam Eldman OTK boots. For if you are like me, and you can’t drop that type of cash on a pair of boots.

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