She Said Yes!

Ok brides, you said yes to the guy. Now comes the hard part, planning your big day. There is so much to plan. It can be easy to forget shopping for dresses for bridal tea, shower, luncheon, rehersal dinner, etc.

You are probably feeling a bit overwhelmed. I know I did in the beginning. For my wedding festivities, I wanted to wear jewel tone colors that would compliment my complextion. Don’t get me wrong, I pulled out the white dresses too! But, I didn’t want every photo to me in a white dress.

I have searched the web to fine you the perfect dresses and jumpsuits to choose from. The styles range from casual to formal, depending how how formal your wedding is.

Check out a few dresses that I found during my try-on sessions.

You can shop below. Let’s me know what you wear for your wedding events in the comments!

white dot dress
White ruffle dress
White crochet dress
Long cotton dress
Long sleeve white dress
White long dress
White button dress
White ruffle dress
White shirt lace dress
Long white lace dress
Pleated lace dress
Cotton dress
Off the shoulder plus size dress
Ruffle dress
Long lace dress
Lace insert dress
Embroidered dress
White lace dress
White scalloped dress
White dress
White dress
White sleeveless dress
White dress
Off the shoulder tie button dress
White dress v neck
White button halter dress
Plaid off the shoulder dress
White eyelit dress
Button off the shoulder dress
Off the shoulder button dress

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