The Shoes of the Summer

I have gotten so many requests to share shoes for the summer, and I am glad to tell you that I have rounded up some of my favorites. When it comes to selecting my summer shoes, I tend to gravitate more towards sandals, slides, wedges, and espadrilles, but find a new trendy version of these classic summer staples. The espadrille-style of the shoe is extremely popular for trend for summer for 2019. All of the shoes that I am sharing are under $50.

The first shoes that I am sharing are these from Walmart, which are a great dupe for the Sannibel Platform Wedge Sandal. I am sure that you have seen these all over your Instagram feed. These shoes go with everything. The camel color is so wearable. The open toe and slits on the slide of the leather strap are so flattering on foot. The breaded wedge heel makes them easy to walk in and lightweight too! I was concerned that they would rub and not be comfortable for long periods, but if I set the strap to be loose, then I have no issues. The shoe runs true to size.

Target also makes a dupe for this shoe. It is a tad bit better quality than the Walmart version, but double the price. The straps are made of suede material, and the braiding detail on the base of the shoe is thicker, which made the shoe extremely heavy. I landed on the light pink, but it comes in three other colors. I went with my normal size.

The next shoe is the black closed-toe wedge from H&M. These hands down are the most comfortable shoe from this whole post. I have worn these the most. These are a bit of a dresser option of the breaded wedge shoes. I like that they are closed toe, because I don’t want all of my shoes to open. The shoe runs true to size.

The last heels that I am sharing are these grey wedges. I also have worn the hound out of these. I am so into a mule/clog. Therefore, by combining that shoe with a wedge, and you get this. I have yet to find this color in any other sandal in my search. It lends to be more grey but has a brown undertone to it. Which makes it so versatile for any wardrobe, because you can wear with warm and cool tone colors. I sized down a half size in this shoe.

Ok, let’s move on to the espadrilles. The first one that I am going to share are these light tan scalloped trimmed shoes from Amazon. Y’all the scalloped strap is such a sweet detail. However, the heel of the shoes does rub, even if you loosen the strap. I think it is because the shoe smacks your foot like a flip flop which pulls the heel to rub against the back of your foot. Therefore, I would only recommend these for days that you won’t be doing a lot of walking in. I went with my normal size.

If you need a pair of espadrilles to walk in, then theses from Forever 21 are for you. They are very lightweight and comfortable. The strap stretches to provide your foot with a give to help you walk. I love the dark camel color and the fact that the straps are thin. The shoe runs true to size.

The last shoes that I am going to be sharing are these slides, which are great dupes for the Steve Madden Greece slides. I have seen my feed covered with this style of shoe. Target came out with a version, so of course, I had to snatch them up quickly. There version has a small heel on the bottom, which is nice, and leather straps are extremely sturdy, but give when you need to walk. I highly recommend these. I wasn’t in love with the dark brown; I wish they came in a lighter shade and in other colors. I went my normal size in the shoe. Speaking of the Greece slide dupes, check my Amazon post to read my review about the white versions.

That wraps of my summer shoes finds, but you can shop more below. I hope this helped to narrow down the different types of summer shoes that could work for your wardrobe.

Women’s Time and Tru Footbed Slide
Time and Tru Women’s Footbed Slides
Time and Tru Women’s Flatform Sandals
Time and Tru  Women’s Time and Tru Two Flatform
Time and Tru  Women’s Time and Tru H Band Slide Sandal
Time and Tru  Time and Tru Women’s Footbed Slides
circus sandals
steve madden sandals
Cheetah shoes
Scalloped esapridekke
Open slides
Elastic strappy sandals
Crossband slides
Two braid slides
Jenny slides
Rose gold slides
Greece slides
Crisscross slides
Black sandals
Target wedges
Women Time And Tru Footbed Slide

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