Snakeskin for 2019

You might have seen a recent influx of animal prints across stores and your social media. Well, I hate to break it to you but animal prints are huge for 2019. The two most popular trends are the cheetah/leopard and snake. However, zebra and giraffe have also been spotted at the retailers. I have already broken down my favorite cheetah print finds here. Since a lot of snakeskin print has started to pop up in my wardrobe, I decided to share of few of my favorite ways to style the trend for 2019.

The easiest way to start wearing the trend is to start with accessories like shoes, bags, belts, and jewelry. Printed accessories are a great way to add texture to a look because using a print in this way makes it act like a neutral. Check out the looks below for inspiration.  

As you can see there are so many ways that you can wear the trend with accessories!

If you want to fully embrace the Snakeskin trend, then go with statement pieces like dresses, jackets, pants, and skirts. The key to pulling off printed statement pieces is to keep the rest of the look simple with neutrals. However, if you want to go bold, then pairing a print like snakeskin with a neon colors is a fun way to do that. Check out the looks below for inspiration for statement pieces.

The key is to play around with the print and see how you can incorporate it into your style. What may work for one person may not work for you. Just don’t be afraid to take risks and play around to express your style with the snakeskin print. You can find some of my favorite snakeskin pieces below.

snake skin dress
snake skin dress
v neck top
snake top
snake skin heels
snake skin
snake skin headband
snake skin belt
snake skin belt
snake skin headbands
snake sneakers
snake skinn sneakers
snake skin flats
snake skin flats
snake skin heels
snake skin booties
snake sknin wallet
snake belt
snake swim
snake skin swim
Snake sneakers
Snake heels
Snake skin mules
Snake skin flats

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