Winter Coat Collection

Girl in coat

I love the winter time. There is just something about the anticipation of the possibility of snow, the warmness from a crackling fire, the joy of the holiday season, and the excitement of the getting a fresh start with a new year that lends to making this season special. Most of my favorite memories happened during the winter time with the coming together of friends and family to celebrate the season. Several of my favorite events occurs outside during the winter time, even when the temperature drops. It could be walking through the streets of my city taking in the Christmas lights, ice-skating with someone special, bracing the cold to grab a warm cup of hot cocoa, snowball fights with family, or watching fireworks at the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve.

All of these events have one thing in common, a winter coat to keep you warm. I started my coat collection several years ago. I love how by adding a coat to any look can immediately complete the outfit. My collection started when I purchased a long navy toggle coat from Aeropostale when I was about 14 years old. Since then, my collection has evolved as my style has changed throughout the years. I started to cultivate my collection about 3 or 4 years ago. I wanted to find pieces that would be timeless that I could re-wear season after season.

The first coat that I purchased for my collection was this beautiful bright red Jessica Simpson coat. I still remember when I bought it. This coat always reminds me of the fun shopping trips that I took with my Aunt and Uncle. I found this one day on one our trips and fell in love with it. There it was sitting on a clearance rack, just waiting for me. What drew me to it was the bright red color of the coat. I immediately saw so many ways that I could style it. Once I put it on, the fit was just incredible. The cut of the coat defines the waist with the detailed seaming of the coat, and the dramatic collar makes it stand out in a crowd. To this day, every time I see it in my coat closet. My eyes are immediately drawn to it. Falling in love with this coat was what started my obsession. As a fan of layering, it was just another way to play with layering.

You may be thinking; how do you even know where to start when trying to decide what coat will suit you the best. The key is start with neutral colors. Decide what color coat you want, then start looking at different styles of coats that will flatter your figure and wardrobe. Everyone needs a brown/tan and black coat in their wardrobe. You will get the most use out of those colors. For me, I decided to go with more of a traditional cut so that the coat would style well with several different looks. I tend to gravitate more towards long coats. Because I am tall, and they help to elongate my body. A coat that ends at the waist made my upper body bulkier and chopped up. That doesn’t mean that I don’t have shorter coats. I do own a peacoat and toggle coat that isn’t a long coat. I tend to carry more of my weight in my upper body, so having a longer coat helps slim my figure. Coats that cinched in at the waist and flare at the bottom tend to look the best on me. Being aware of your body type will help you be able to decide on a fit of the coat.

There are so many different styles of coats to choose from. You could go with a military, trench, double-breasted, toggle, parka, cape, wrap, princess, etc. The list goes on. The key is finding a style that fits your lifestyle, body type, and wardrobe the best. See a few of the different styles below.

Buch of coats

Once you pick your colors and styles of the coats, it is time to start building your collection to how big or small you want it. Don’t be afraid to mix patterns into the collection. I love how these two coats are both a plaid but provide a completely different look due to the coloring and cut of each of the coats.

When creating your collection, keep in mind that you don’t want all of your coats to have the same cut. Changing up the style of coat will provide depth and will make your collection unique. I love how this baby pink coat has more of an oversized cut, but the peplum sleeves add unique detail to the coat.

girl in coat

Don’t forget about the small details of a coat. This Vince Camuto coat stood out to me, because of the button details and the black seaming throughout the coat. It keeps a traditional cut of a coat but adding small subtle details will also help your collection stand apart.

You also need coats that you can play in. I love a parka or puffer coat to help you feel casual but extremely warm. I love that this puffer coat is all black. It makes your figure look slim while wearing it. This parka is entirely fur-lined to provide extra warmth and comfort. Both are great options for more athletic activities.

To me, my collection doesn’t feel complete without a navy toggle coat. This style of coat reminds me of my first coat that I ever purchased. It may be a different version, but it makes my collection feel personal.

girl in coat

You can check out my video look book here, and you can shop the coats below!

puff jacket
blue jean jacket
trench coat
black coat
teddy coat
plaid coat
puffer coat
cream coat
Blazer Coat
Double breasted coat
Bell Sleeve Coat
Padded jacket
Toggle Coat
Jessica Simpson Deep Womens Small Pleated-Hem Coat
Lauren Ralph Lauren Reefer Coat
Vince Camuto Wing-Collar Military Coat
Pile-lined Parka
Tweed Double-Breasted Glen Plaid Coat

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