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When it comes to picking items to workout in, I tend to lean more towards comfort. If I feel self-conscious in what I am wearing, then I feel distracted and unconfident. The key is finding pieces that work for whatever activity that you are going to be doing and a cut that is flattering for your figure.

If I am going to the gym or some indoor activity, I typically wear leggings or shorts with a tank or sweatshirt. I always dress in layers that way I can remove items depending on if I get hot or not. If I am going to be outside in warm weather, I typically wear shorts with tank or sports bar. (depending on how brave I feel for that day) If it is cold weather, I will bulk up on the layers. I love to wear fleece lined leggings and tops to help keep me warm. My go-to place to find workout gear is Walmart, Target, Forever 21, and Old Navy. I can find quality pieces at affordable pieces to fit my lifestyle and budget. I am totally for investing in pieces from brands like Fabletics, Lulemon, etc. For me, I tend to go to what I know.

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The most important piece for me is the footwear. I am so particular about my tennis shoes. I have tried so many different brands, but my favorite tennis shoes brand is Nike. I love the Nike Frees for everyday wear and the Nike Swifts for the gym. They are light-weight, but still, provide the support that you need. The other brand of shoes that I love are Asics. They are a heavier and more supported shoe.

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I have been an athlete for most of my life. Therefore, I tend to live in my workout gear most of the time. The key is to find pieces that fit within your style and lifestyle. There is nothing better than getting a new outfit to help get you in the mood to be active! You can shop some of my favorite workouts finds below. I am also sharing more of my favorites on my stories.

black leggings
Yoga pants
black pants
tie back top
tie back top
french terry top
crew cut top
workout jacket
Mesh pullover
Cheetah leggings
Cheetah sports bra
adidas leggings
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